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The Yoga Center Kuwait was created on the idea of bringing awareness to the Kuwaiti community by integrating the yoga lifestyle into everyday life.

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Yin Yang Yoga*NEW

Skill level: All Levels
Focus: Mind & Body
Length : 60 minutes

A balanced yin and yang practice specifically tailored for you, early riser, to bring your body and mind to a perfect state. We start with 15 minutes of slow yin practice to open body with deep presence then continue through 30 minutes of strong energizing vinyasa and finally sprinkle it with another 15 minutes of longer holds. Radiance, balance and energy is what you going to leave with. As for stronger, more toned, lean body it comes as a pleasant bonus with regular practice.

Body Tone Yoga *NEW

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Overall Body & Core
Length : 60 minutes

A class designed to improve muscle control while building strength. Through a well balanced sequence, which combines yoga and muscle tone by using light ankle weights, you will achieve greater balance and flexibility. The main focus of the class is to bring body awareness, while building power and developing endurance in your yoga practice. Body Tone Yoga will help you slim down, build muscle mass and improve bone density.

Lymphatic Drainage

Skill level: Not required
Focus: Mind & Body
Length : 60 minutes

Lymphatic drainage involves a series of gentle, precise and rhythmic movements, using oil. This technique is designed specifically to keep the lymphatic system (the body’s system of cleansing and defense) healthy!

Lymph fluid transports excess protein, fluid and waste products from the body’s tissues into the blood to be circulated and eliminated.

Regular treatment can help relieve cellulite, fluid retention, constipation, headaches, migraines, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, acne, aches, pains and fatigue. Lymphatic drainage is highly recommended when on a cleansing or detox program. Or when trying to lose weight.

This type of class requires booking in advance. Please call 22960602 for inquiry.

Polarity Therapy

Skill level: Not required
Focus: Mind & Body
Length : 60 minutes

True health comes from an understanding and connecting to our deeper selves! Polarity Therapy is a wonderful blend of Eastern and Western concepts of health. It is holistic in essence. Polarity therapy is truly a complementary science. It recognizes that energy has to move from a positive to a negative pole, through a neutral field. This concept is applied to the human constitution as we are electromagnet beings. The scientific law is fundamental to the movement of energy throughout the universe and the earth around us; it manifest in our physical bodies as energetic currents. Healing takes place when we start to align ourselves with the natural laws of the universe. Polarity therapy works on many different levels, subtle energy, nervous, muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive systems, gynecological (excellent in pregnancy after care) and emotional and mental levels. When we start to release the patterns within us that are holding and create symptoms of disease. We can free ourselves up. Experiencing a new found freedom within that is then expressed outwardly!  Our whole lives can become transformed into a much more grounded, calm, healthy, happy organism.   

A treatment may consist of one or more of the following, depending on the client and their needs.


Awareness/process skills.

Health building/cleansing procedures.

Polarity Yoga stretching exercises.

Why should you wish to receive Polarity Therapy:

It may be that you feel well, and yet in yourself something feels not quite right; perhaps a feeling of being out of balance.
Alternatively you may have physical symptoms that need attention.
Maybe you are moving through a transition of change in your life and feel a need to receive some support along your journey.
Whatever your needs.

This type of class requires booking a head of time. please call 22960602

Bowen Technique

Skill level: Not required
Focus: Mind & Body
Length : 60 minutes

The Bowen Technique is so powerful and yet so gentle, subtle and relaxing. Like the Polarity Therapy, the Bowen Technique is a Holistic treatment. Treating the whole person not just the condition.

Working directly with the soft tissue we set up the body to re-align, stimulating it’s vital force, and it’s own intelligence so that innate wisdom can flow freely helping to re- balance, relieve tension and reduce pain.
This is deeply nurturing for all the systems of the body mentally, emotionally and physically. A very simple, non invasive practice. Each session involves gentle rolling motions over tendons muscle and fascia. There are pauses in between the moves allowing the body to set up it’s own internal dialogue and reset itself. Most conditions will respond within 3 treatments. It is so gentle that it can be used by anyone from newborn to the elderly.
For: back/neck pain
Sport injuries-chronic and acute
Joint pain/muscle spasm
Hamstring strain
Pain management
Acute & chronic fatigue
Asthma, hayfever
Bronchial complaints
Irritable bowel syndrome
Digestive problems
Infant colic
To name but a few

This type of class requires booking in advance. If you would like to know more please come in and see Vya for a chat or give us a call at 22960602.

Restorative Yoga

Skill level:  All Levels
Focus: Mind & body
Length  : 60 minutes

When the body is stressed, overworked, and tired, we need to make time to sink into the easy and nourishing restorative yoga poses. We will use bolsters, blocks, and blankets to prioritize stillness, with passive stretches and a deep relaxation within the poses. Holding postures that are supported for 2-3 mins (approx 20- 30 breaths) helps release the tightness and contraction held in the fascia. Cultivating a calm mind and giving the body tender love and care. Come and restore yourself in a soft, and gentle way.

Akhanda Yoga

Skill level:  All Levels
Focus: Overall wellness
Length  : 60 minutes

Akhanda yoga is holistic. Akhanda means indivisible, unbroken, entire and whole. The class includes, meditation, mantra, breath work and postures. Sometimes we will include Surya namaska (sun salutations) and variations. However, at other times meditation may be a large portion of the class as well as working with the breath. This is a class where you are encouraged to explore how the posture feels, by taking your gaze inwards it is fundamentally an experiential and inner inquiry. Discovering mind and body connection. As we work with the breath into different parts of our body we will also become aware of the expansion and stimulation of the chakras. Freeing and cleansing the mind and body with graceful awareness to release and let go of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us. Akhanda is the first word for a beautiful mantra chanted in the class.

Yoga Intro

Skill level:  Beginners
Focus: Postures & Core Muscles
Length  : 60 minutes

Learn basic yoga breathing and postures (asanas) to develop core strength and flexibility. This class will focus on a routine of exercises to help build muscle strength while gently preparing the body for more advanced poses.

Rejuvenate Yoga

Skill level:  All levels
Focus: Overall Health
Length  : 60 minutes

This class has a mix of all gentle yoga asanas (posture). These asanas specialize in brain and spinal rejuvenation to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Some of the asanas focus on maintaining the main function of our central nervous system, glands, internal organs, joints, and the breathing techniques is known to promote healthy skin. For the beginners tips: a small proportion of people will have muscle soreness after the first few sessions because you are stretching muscles which haven’t used before, so just do the asanas gently with no strain.

Power Yoga

Skill level : Intermediate
Focus : whole body strengthening
Length : 60 minutes

A series of power vinyasa flow, sequence of power postures best of both for a strong, self-connected, and motivated practice that will take you deeper into self physical inquiry of strength

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Skill level:  All levels
Focus: Full body & mind
Length  : 60 minutes

This physically challenging class is taught in a warm room with heat generated during the entire class through mindful breathing and dynamic flow. The class is suitable for all levels, modifications are offered throughout the class. The goal of the class is to develop strength and provide freedom of movement while maintaining proper alignment and awareness of one’s body. 

Hot Yoga

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Full body and slow breathing
Length : 60 minutes

Challenging yet simple; methodically moves in your body’s natural range of motion. Deep penetrating heat combined with static stretching and balancing postures. Lengthens your muscle fibers, safely correcting postural imbalances. Sharpens your focus and concentration improving your mental clarity. Unique cardiovascular training burns fat while cleansing your body and mind of stress related toxins.

Yoga Nidra & Pranayama

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Breathing & Stretching
Length : 60 minutes

This class for the winter, it is based on purifying the respiratory system and stretching deep tissue in the body. All breathing techniques in the class releases stress with regular practice of breathing it helps increase your parasympathetic activity and lowers systolic blood pressure and known to help anti-aging process. Number of studies indicating that breathing exercise cause changes in the cardio respiration and stretching will improve the blood circulation to the deep level of muscle tissues, helps improves posture, flexibility, aid digestion and circulation to inner organs.


Skill level : All levels
Focus : Over all Wellness
Length : 60 minutes

Practicing stillness in each asana (postures), students are encouraged to move slowly from one posture to the next, while connecting to their breath and inner silence. Each posture flows naturally into the next symbolizing the natural flow of life. Through the use of postures we effortlessly move beyond the mind, creating endless prana (life force) for the aim of awakening. Variations and hands-on adjustments are applied during the yoga class.

Vinyasa Flow

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Physical and mental wellness
Length : 60 minutes

A dance-like class in which poses are interlinked by breath to form a continuous flow. These poses will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling releasing your mind and body from stress and anxiety. This class is suitable for all levels as different variations of poses are offered to beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis. Alignment is essential in this class so expect to be adjusted and to sweat.

Warm Yin Yoga

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Full body & detoxification
Length : 60 minutes

Slow practice in a warm 32 degree celsius room to focus on gentle yoga postures. Simple breathing techniques to purify and detoxify, in addition to the easy movement and supportive poses that helps stretch and relax your body.

Ashtanga Intro

Skill level : Intermediate to Advance
Focus :  Breath & Physical Balance with Flexibility
Length : 60 minutes

Ashtanga yoga is vinyasa based set of sequence poses. This is the introduction to the full Primary Series 1 of the Ashtanga practice that made famous by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This vinyasa is a system of movement and breathing linked together; it produces heat to help detoxification.
This vinyasa sequence of strong asanas is based on alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asana into a dynamic flow. Everybody work at their own pace and according to their physical ability doing the exact same breath initiated movements to increase intensity of the practice to the amount of strength, flexibility and endurance.

Yoga Balance

Skill level : All levels
Focus : Arms & core
Length : 60 minutes

A flow of arm balancing sequences, series of stretches, and controlled breathings will tone up arm and abdominal muscles, continues practice of series will work on whole body wellness.

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Vya Freeman


Vya has been a qualified holistic bodyworker and health practitioner since 1993, working directly with the energy systems of the body. Having worked in The Arcturus clinic (UK) for almost 13yrs, and then setting up practice from home. Her life experience and personal journey has brought her to a place of understanding, empathy and compassion which compliments her work as a yoga teacher and health practitioner. ( Polarity, Bowen, and Lymphatic Drainage) Read more

Mona Salmeen


Mona is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. Her mission is to provide a friendly, peaceful, and compassionate environment for the integration of body, mind, and spirit through the practice of yoga. Her classes are designed for everyone, where beginners and continuing students practice hatha yoga postures and the foundations of yoga. Read more

Hyma Reddy


PhD Instructor who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. vast experience in teaching yoga world wide, – Teachers training from NEW YOGA LIFE (Chennai), Diploma in Yoga (Pondichery University), Diploma in Acupressure (Hong Kong), Sports Injury massage (Hong Kong).  Read more

Nina Haley

Nina Haley

My name is Nina and I am the mother of three children, 10 year old twins and a 3 year old. I began practicing yoga 10 years ago when pregnant with my first children. Since then, I have been teaching prenatal fitness classes for 9 years, and I have completed multiple pre and postnatal fitness certifications including Fit to Deliver, Stroller Strides and ACE. Read more

Ivanna Khorramshahgol


I was introduced to yoga more than 20 years ago and my fascination with it took me to India for the first time in 1989 and numerous times after that. While in India I discover the spiritual benefits of yoga and so I practiced what is called Bhakti yoga. Read more

Tatiana Babenko


Since childhood Tatiana was involved in and attracted to the beauty of body movements present in ballet and classical dances and to the body strength dance creates. Over time the passion developed into curiosity about body alignment and took a turn towards yoga. Read more

Yuliya Linkevich


Yuliya got introduced to yoga way back during her first years of College. “It felt right, it felt like body started to sing” she quoted and so she stuck with it for a year, gathering information from books, magazines and articles but was unable to find the right teacher, hence diversifying her focus to mainly running and  aerobic exercises. Read more

Pauline Heng


“ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work!” – by Colin Powell. Read more



Off the mat

It’s been almost a year since I’ve joined the Yoga Center family and what a journey it has been. I’ve been lucky enough to witness the whole path of YCK, which started as just an idea and a dream of a close friend, who is now one of the founders. She found support, motivation and help from her sisters and the three of them created something that transformed into the first and most reputable yoga center in Kuwait, rightfully deserving its title.
I believe it was destiny that yoga, the Center and all the lovely yoginis I’ve met were on my life path. Since my son was born, I haven’t been working and I’ve started at the Yoga Center when he was almost a year. Let me tell you, I’m certainly glad I got pulled up and gently pushed back to work as I’m afraid if that didn’t happen, I would have still been in a pile on the floor unable to move. Motherhood can do that to you.
One of the best things about working as a manager here is of course practicing yoga. I’ve had the pleasure of trying almost all the classes we offer and each is so special and different in its way. In Kuwait, the general public still thinks of yoga as one type of exercise and don’t differentiate the variations. With time and effort from the Yoga Center founders to educate and involve the Kuwaite community, I’ve seen that attitude change. With their newfound knowledge, our clients know exactly what they want to sign up for, be it a nurturing restorative session or a full blast intermediate hot yoga class.
Call me mad, but I’ve decided to raise my kid without a nanny and naturally I yearn for those treasured moments of quietness and peace the most . I remember walking out of my first class, and for the first time in a year I felt like someone else and not a mum, I felt like a person again. I highly recommend it to young mothers and women who lead a busy lifestyle. In the serenity of the class I managed to separate my life at home and this world of yoga that I found so inviting. I’ve started to practice more with time and it was beautiful to observe how your body and mind changes. Yoga is not a fast paced weight loss plan, it’s an organic way of healing the body and mind that stays with you on and off the matt. I wouldn’t say yoga makes miracles happen, but there is definitely some magic involved which you feel in those minutes of savasana at the end of your class.
Since yoga became a part of my life my outlook on life and also my way of eating became different. I’ve also improved my health as I’ve always suffered from lower back problems, at times so severe that I couldn’t walk and had to be taken to the doctor and immediately given muscle relaxants and strong pain killers. With a cocktail of Bowen technique ( which is a therapy we offer) and warm Yin Yoga and restorative yoga classes my condition has improved greatly without any medication at all. Yoga can actually aid or cure physical and mental problems and issues.
What I find most special about the Yoga Center Kuwait, is that it offers you a yoga lifestyle, not just a yoga class. Apart from classes there are numerous workshops on the most interesting topics such as Healing your heart, Nutrition and the seven chakras. In my life yoga has made me more grounded, calmed me down and truly improved my everyday life and relationships and I hope it can do the same for you.


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